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Changeling – Philippa Gregory



Luca Vero was given to the priesthood as a child. It is the only life he knows until the day he is charged with heresy. While imprisoned Luca is approached to join in with a group known as “The Order of Darkness” and is given orders to search out all evil and superstitions within the land.

Isolde, a seventeen year old girl, has just lost everything she ever hoped for in life. After finding out her father’s will has deemed her be locked away in a nunnery or be wed to a man who tries to rape her the day he meets her, Isolde chooses the nunnery. But things are not what they seem at the nunnery and things quickly go awry.

Their stories align when Luca is called upon to make inquiry on the nunnery. The women have all gone mad since Isolde’s arrival and many of the women are blaming Isolde’s lack of belief as the reason why.

Luca and Isolde will face all manner of medieval nasties before the story is finished and both set out on their own quests for truth.


Let me just say, I am a fan of Philippa Gregory. I started with her Wideacre series years ago and have been reading her books since.

I really enjoyed this book.

Does it achieve some kind of literary greatness? No.

Is it going to be one of those books that makes a lasting impression and changes your life forever? No.

It is just simply a good story. There are a few plot twists that I really enjoyed. There were a few lines I questioned the validity of but it was meant for teens and you can tell some of the phrasing and dialogue was geared towards a modern teen. But, hey, I see that as playing to your audience. I have read enough of her books to know she knows her history and I really didn’t question it with this novel. I do wish it was as engrossing as her other novels but again, awareness of her audience lent towards a shorter novel.

All in all, a great quick read.

Favorite Quote:

“Do you not think that God will protect us?”
“No,” he said flatly. “My experience is that He rarely attends to the obvious.”
Philippa Gregory, Changeling


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Upcoming Reviews


Changeling (Order of Darkness, #1)  by Philippa Gregory

I love tales of the Fae, so how could I pass up a book with this title? I am a quarter of the way through and I am thoroughly enjoying it.


Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)  by Cherie Priest

So far, this has been a great adventure!


Lord of Snow and Shadows (Tears of Artamon, #1)  by Sarah Ash

I haven’t decided how I feel about this one yet. I am only about halfway through. We shall see.


The Shards of Heaven (The Shards of Heaven #1)  by Michael Livingston

This is a NetGalley review book. I am loving it so far but I am only about 15% of the way through it.


Only the Stones Survive  by Morgan Llywelyn

Another NetGalley, haven’t started this one but it sounds amazing!

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Domnall and the Borrowed Child – Sylvia Spruck Wrigley



The Fae wars have ended and the only Fae worthy of rank or honor has fallen to the Slaugh. Domnall is the only scout left from the old wars and he is no longer a spring chicken. With battle wounds that give him hell and the next generation of scouts being nothing more than pampered babies, Domnall is very much a cranky old man. Now, with one of the Fae falling deathly ill, Domnall is the only Fae within his Sithen who knows how to track humans and is sent to trade the Fae child with a human child. What ensues is one hell of an adventure.


I received my copy through NetGalley!

Oh. My. Goodness. First, look at that cover, isn’t it stunning! I love it. Second, I love cranky old men. Third, I love Fae stories. This novella was such a fantastic read that I devoured it in one sitting. Domnall is essentially a veteran with a war injury that gives him pains throughout the entire novel. It makes him cranky but he pushes through and gets his job done. I love that he is paired with a spry young girl and the contrast between the two gives the novella a little friction. I also enjoyed the writing style. I felt as if I had sat down and someone was telling me a story, nothing about it made me feel as if I were reading it myself.

The only thing I didn’t like was that IT WAS TOO DANG SHORT! I want more!!!

No Quotes due to the fact that this was an ARC copy. 


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Changeling (Order of Darkness, #1)  by Philippa Gregory (Review to come)

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