The King Raven Trilogy – Stephen R. Lawhead

26 Oct


Synopsis :

Take everything you know and love about Robin Hood and be prepared to love him even more.


While not in the original setting, this series makes Robin Hood a real person. This series gives you an adult version of the tale we all loved as a child. The political intrigue and the battle for home and family make him a real tangible character that you can’t help but love.

When introduced to the fantasy genre, Lawhead quickly became a favorite. This could be, in large part, due to the fact that he reworked some of my favorite characters and made me love them more.

Favorite Quotes :

“If thou wouldst seek justice, thyself must be just. ”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“When heaven joins the battle against you, who could stand?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“I know nothing of any phantom,’ replied Aethelfrith. ‘What sort of phantom is it presumed to be?’
‘Why,’ replied the merchant, ‘it takes the form of a great giant of a bird. Men hereabouts call it King Raven.’
‘Do they indeed?’ wondered the friar, much intrigued. ‘What does it look like – this giant bird?’
The merchant stared at him in disbelief. ‘By the rood, man! Are you dim? It looks like a thumping great raven.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“If ever I boast of seeing a fairer face in all this wide world, may I die a liar’s death.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“May you always have ale enough to wet your tongues, wit enough to know friend from foe, and strength enough for every fight.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood


Honestly, I am just going to recommend his other series. I feel like no one really writes like him.

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