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Witchling – Yasmine Galenorn



A trio of Faerie sisters have been sent to our world to work for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Sounds like a pretty cool gig, right? Only problem is, none of the sister’s powers work correctly and they are pretty sure they were sent topside as a way to be rid of them.

Now, with the leader of the Subterranean Realms on their heels, the sisters have to figure out how to be rid of one of the biggest and baddest Fae there is.


I am going to be completely honest. I hated the first few chapters of this book. It was so cliché and so unbelievably cutesy I wanted to vomit. However, the writing style was good and I pressed on. I am so glad I did. After a few more chapters, these extremely weak characters found their grit and buckled down for the ride. I was beyond happy with how the book ended. I almost wish that the beginning was as good as the end but I liked being pleasantly surprised by the way the story shifted. I would just say to those avid urban fantasy fans out there, GIVE THIS ONE A SHOT. Don’t give up just because the beginning was sub-par.

Favorite Quote:

“Lips to lips, mouth to mouth,
Comes the speaker of the shrouds,
Suck in the spirit, speak the words,
Let secrets of the dead be heard.”
Yasmine Galenorn, Witchling


Darkfever (Fever, #1)  by Karen Marie Moning

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)  by Kim Harrison

Beyond the Pale (Darkwing Chronicles, #1)  by Savannah Russe

Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1)  by Kelley Armstrong


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Seize the Halloween Weekend

Please welcome this guest post from Gallery Books! 😀

Enjoying a great treat is not just for kids on Halloween. Indulge yourself this week and read SEIZE THE NIGHT: NEW TALES OF VAMPIRIC TERROR, the new “stellar anthology of tales” (Publishers Weekly Starred Review), sure to quench your thirst for a Horrific Halloween read! Conjuring reactions such as “Going back to the heydays of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot” and “For anyone who likes tales of the creepy sort like Stephen King’s short stories in Everything’s Eventual or Nightmares & Dreamscapes,”  how can one resist?


Edited by Christopher Golden

Gallery Books

October 6, 2015

ISBN: 9781476783093

Trade Paperback


Once upon a time, vampires were figures of terror…and they can be again. Legends of these dark creatures sprang from every corner of the world and infinite variations throughout history—with even more of them waiting in the farthest corners of the imagination. SEIZE THE NIGHT takes hold of a popular culture environment where the vampire has largely lost its ability to inspire fear, and now brings out the dread, showcasing twenty all-new tales of horrifying evil from an extraordinary lineup of twenty contributors:

John Ajvide Lindqvist

Kelley Armstrong

Laird Barron

Gary A. Braunbeck

Dana Cameron

Dan Chaon and Lynda Barry

Charlaine Harris

Brian Keene

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Michael Koryta

John Langan

Tim Lebbon

Seanan McGuire

Joe McKinney

Leigh Perry

Robert Shearman

Scott Smith

Lucy A. Snyder

David Wellington

Rio Youers

The dusk is upon you, and your fright-filled journey to the shadows of the hereafter is about to begin with SEIZE THE NIGHT—old-school vampire fiction at its finest.

“The notion of the romantic vampire is transcended to chilling and even heartbreaking effect in this stellar anthology of tales…These stories move smoothly from the subtle to the horrifying…”

—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Twenty stories of varying lengths offer quick bites of otherworldly entertainment. Edited by Christopher Golden, this collection takes vampire fiction back to its bloody, frightful roots. Readers looking for old-school horror laden with darkness will appreciate these diverse stories from some of the best writers in the genre…all are entertaining…With new spins on classic traditions and inventive, unexpected twists, it’s the perfect spooky read for Halloween — or any night that calls for a touch of terror.”

—RT Book Reviews

“The twenty-one authors collected in this volume have…succeeded in returning vampires and their ilk back into our nightmares where they belong…each tale delivered the goods. And by goods, I mean terror…These are not your Count Dracula vampire stories, but thankfully they’re not of the friendly variety either. What they all have in common is that each and every story is a cut above the ordinary. My highest recommendation.”

—Cemetery Dance

“Seize the Night: New Tales of Vampiric Terror is a highly successful anthology, one that puts vampires back into the shadowy, hidden corners where they belong and makes them creepy, chilling, at times downright frightening…we’re getting back to the old-school roots of vampiric lore, going back to the heydays of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot…this is a vital return to form for these stoic, and historic, universal baddies…Seize the Night has the singular aim of making vampires terrifying again, and it heartily succeeds in its mission. Golden and the contributors deserve a fair amount of applause for their work here, and this anthology is a wonderful reminder of what made vampires such a popular horror staple, and why they continue to endure across the ages.”

—Michael Patrick Hicks

“Anthologies have always been one of my favorite things. A chance to read old favorite authors and a chance to also find some new favorites as well, all based on some short stories. Which is, of course, why I chose to read Seize the Night – New Tales of Vampiric Terror… Seize The Night –New Tales of Vampiric Terror is slated to be released on October 6, 2015. Be sure to get your copy before they disappear! Anyone who likes tales of the creepy sort like Stephen King’s short stories in Everything’s Eventual or Nightmares & Dreamscapes should check out Seize the Night.”

—The Goth Girl Reads

“…a diverse and high quality collection of new stories from some great names within the horror and paranormal sub-genres…Quite simply, if you are a fan of vampires, do not miss this one. 4 Throbbing Carotid Arteries for Seize The Night.”

—Horror After Dark

“Sink your teeth into this collection with caution, it’ll bite back.”

—Hardboiled Wonderland

“I would really recommend this wonderful book to anyone who wants to read a vampire anthology that harks back to the heyday of quality horror fiction.”

—Book Nutter’s Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Seize The Night…well-written with plenty of frights to keep any horror fan awake at night.”

—Coffee Addicted Writer

“I really prefer my vampires evil, so this anthology was just what I was looking for. It opens with a novelette by Scott Smith, and that one story is worth the price of the book. The victims are suitably disgusting and deserve their fate, which is rapid and brutal. Michael Koryta suggests a rather different cause for vampirism. Charlaine Harris has a very nice story about an energy vampire rather than a blood drinking one. Kelley Armstrong suggests there is a genetic marker for vampirism. Tim Lebbon takes us back to a particularly brutal period of history for his story. John Langan presents a time traveling vampire that can duplicate bodies to ensure it has a steady source of prey…well above average.”

—Don A’mmassa On Horror

“…Brings out the dead and dread, showcasing 20 all-new tales of horrifying evil from a coffin full of different writers who dabble in the undead from various angles, from horrific to heart-wrenching, romantic to rough. We especially feasted on Rio Youers’ “Separator”, set in a typhoon-devastated Philippines where a land developer gets a brutal taste of local legend. Ouch!”

— – A Tricky Treat for Fright Night

“I honestly had nightmares reading this anthology, which is a first for me, and found the writing samples to be strong and powerful tales that twisted an already frightening lore. I definitely recommended reading Seize The Night as a Halloween novel. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy horror, frightening tales, anthologies and short stories, gruesome and violent vampires. I would wholeheartedly recommend reading Seize The Night if you are a horror fan or a supporter of real, gritty vampire novels without the romanticism and moral questions.”

—Silk & Serif

“Now, from some of the biggest names in horror and dark fiction, comes this collection of short stories that make vampires frightening once again.”

—Bookgasm – Halloween-Ready New Release Awaiting You to Treat Yourself

About the Editor

Christopher Golden is the #1 New York Times bestselling and Bram Stoker Award-winning author of such novels as Snowblind, Tin Men, Of Saints and Shadows, and The Boys Are Back in Town. His novel with Mike Mignola, Baltimore; or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, was the launching pad for the Eisner Award-nominated comic book series Baltimore. As an editor, he has compiled the short story anthologies The New Dead, The Monster’s Corner, and Dark Duets, among others, and has also written and co-written numerous comic books, video games, and screenplays. Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family. His original novels have been published in more than fourteen languages in countries around the world. Please visit him at







KINDLE (ebook)

NOOK (ebook)


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The King Raven Trilogy – Stephen R. Lawhead


Synopsis :

Take everything you know and love about Robin Hood and be prepared to love him even more.


While not in the original setting, this series makes Robin Hood a real person. This series gives you an adult version of the tale we all loved as a child. The political intrigue and the battle for home and family make him a real tangible character that you can’t help but love.

When introduced to the fantasy genre, Lawhead quickly became a favorite. This could be, in large part, due to the fact that he reworked some of my favorite characters and made me love them more.

Favorite Quotes :

“If thou wouldst seek justice, thyself must be just. ”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“When heaven joins the battle against you, who could stand?”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“I know nothing of any phantom,’ replied Aethelfrith. ‘What sort of phantom is it presumed to be?’
‘Why,’ replied the merchant, ‘it takes the form of a great giant of a bird. Men hereabouts call it King Raven.’
‘Do they indeed?’ wondered the friar, much intrigued. ‘What does it look like – this giant bird?’
The merchant stared at him in disbelief. ‘By the rood, man! Are you dim? It looks like a thumping great raven.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“If ever I boast of seeing a fairer face in all this wide world, may I die a liar’s death.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood

“May you always have ale enough to wet your tongues, wit enough to know friend from foe, and strength enough for every fight.”
― Stephen R. Lawhead, Hood


Honestly, I am just going to recommend his other series. I feel like no one really writes like him.

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Never, Never – Brianna R. Shrum



James Hook wants nothing more than to become a man. With his Father off to sea and his mother working hard to get by, James knows he is the man of the house. He dreams of all of the things he can do as a man and just wants to grow up. When his Father is called away just before James is about to leave for school he is devastated. How could his father not want to see him off? Why was it so important to leave right now?

James sets off determined not to care that his father left and determined to go to Kensington Gardens as his father promised. He makes his way in only to find something quite strange. A boy named Peter makes his way over to James and begins talking about the most fantastic things. Fairies, pirates, Lost Boys… It is all too much for James to take in but for some reason James finds himself back night after night. He takes Peter up on his offer to take him to Neverland, but only for a while.

Peter has different plans. Lost Boys can’t return home. Besides, why would they want to? In Neverland children never get older, They never grow up. 

James, however, is different.

Here we begin the epic tale of Captain Hook and everyone’s favorite Lost Boy.


What a thrilling adventure into Neverland. I am a huge fan of the classic remakes that have been so popular over the last few years. Giving old stories a new twist. I especially love the ones done from the villain’s POV.

While not as dark as Brom’s, Child Thief. This book paints Pan as the villain and Hook as the young boy who was duped by the cunning and crafty older boy. I loved this element of the story simply because I always viewed Pan as mischievous and meddling. While I never truly saw him as the villain I also was never fully on his side. Maybe it was because he was a little creepy. The whole shadow detachment thing always freaked me out.

This story is very engaging from beginning to end. It also feels like a prequel to the version we all know and love.

BE WARNED… This does have some darker elements and I think for older teens would be ok, but if you plan to share this with younger children, there may be parts you want to skim over or skip.

Favorite Quote:

“To die, thought the lost boy in place of the Captain, will be an awfully big adventure.”
Brianna Shrum, Never Never


Neverland – Anna Katmore

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Beastly – Alex Flinn

Shadows on Snow – Starla Huchton

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Authors I Love – Charlaine Harris

You may only know Charlaine Harris as the author of the Sookie Stackhouse/ True Blood series, but did you know she also writes mysteries? She is one of my favorite authors because she can reel you in quickly and it’s almost impossible to put the books down. Also, she is one of my main go-tos for a quick and exciting read.


The Sookie Stackhouse Series

I fell in love with these novels from the very start and while True Blood did the first two books justice it just wasn’t the same. Sookie is a very loveable country bumpkin whose life gets turned upside down when vampires decide to come out of the closet. With the invention of a synthetic blood that sustain a vampire and “end vampire attacks forever” (True Blood) the vampires feel that they can now be a normal part of society again. For those who haven’t read the series yet I won’t include any spoilers but I will say these books get progressively better. The only snag I had during reading these was the horrible turn the show took. It turned me off to Sookie for a while but I came back (when I had forgotten the hideousness that had occurred on my TV).

harper connelly

The Harper Connelly Series

These books, again, hook you from the beginning. Harper has an interesting ability. While she’s not exactly psychic, she can sense the dead. She uses this gift to track down missing persons. She can even sense just how the person was killed. In the first novel, Harper is called in to find two missing people, but when she does find them life becomes interesting. unravelling years of lies and deceit in a small town turns out bad for Harper and the books only get better.


The Lily Bard Series

The one thing I want to say about these books is that Lily is probably one of the most likeable characters I have ever read. She is real and vulnerable, yet reserved and strong. Her past isn’t perfect and her job is lackluster but somehow she is captivating. I read this entire series in a week. I LOVED it.


The Aurora Teagarden Series

Lucky for us, Real Murders was picked up for a made for TV movie. Sadly, I missed it. I do hope to find it on Netflix one day. I have only read Real Murders but I can say that one book was just as good as any of her other works.


Midnight, Texas

This trilogy is on my TBR shelf and was supposed to have been purchased for me as a “Congrats on the new job” present from my hubby but he never got around to it. It may get purchased today 😉


The Cemetery Girl

And for those of you who like graphic novels, here’s one! Co-Authored by Christopher Golden!!

I hope you give Charlaine Harris a go. She is a fantastic author!

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The Casquette Girls – Alys Arden



After a storm destroys her home town of New Orleans, Adele cannot wait to come home and start life again. Having been in France for a few months, she is eager to see if her home still even stands. When her and her father return to a mostly undamaged house, Adele is certain she can get back to life as normal but every day since her return seems to bring something new. Secrets are being revealed, people are being murdered and Adele is finding out there is more to her past than she was ever aware of.


Take everything you love and hate about New Orleans and cram it all into one book and you have this thrilling, amazingly well written, ode to one of the greatest cities in this nation.

What a page turner. It seemed like new information was given on every page. So many twists and bends that you can’t possibly see all of them coming. I am most definitely going to be buying a hard copy of this novel, since mine came through NetGalley.

The only thing that irked me about this novel, and it’s a truly small thing was the fact that there was a storm… it’s called the storm, not Katrina. Katrina is never mentioned. So I can only assume this is am alternate New Orleans where Katrina had never happened but this storm has. It was a little odd.

Favorite Quotes:

“As an artist, if your work doesn’t inflame at least part of the audience, then you might as well call it quits and sell insurance… The world needs more boundary pushers, not more boundary creators.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“…Moving pictures and flying machines nth seemed like magic at one time. It’s not a huge leap to believe that what seems irrational or magical now ill be commonplace in the future. I believe everyone has magical powers. However, only certain people – the ones who are open to it – can tap into the true capacity of the mind and push the current brink of human thought. Some are called geniuses, some are called prophets, others are called witches.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“It is not gossip that you must worry about, only the days when you are not worth gossiping about.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“A sharp pain tugged in my chest. I wanted this all to go away. I wanted Nicco to be normal. I wanted to be normal. A part of me wanted to destroy him for everything he’d done, whatever his role…For following me. For not telling me everything. For letting me fall for him. I hated myself for wanting to cause harm to someone else. I wanted him to be stronger, to change, to want the same things as me. I wanted him.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“No tourists, no screaming drag queens, no horse hooves clacking down the street. The perfect still of the night – this was something I would never get used to. Not in New Orleans. The quietness freaked me out.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“I pulled out a large white T-shirt with black gothic script that read, “Equipe Edward”
“Adele, how many times do I have to tell you?” he said in a very serious tone. “Vampires do not sparkle.”
“Okay, fine.” I pretended to pout. “I’ll give it to someone else.”
“No, you will not!” He yanked the T-shirt out of my reach. “Sparkles or not, I am still Team Edward.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“In the words of the great Monsieur Baudelaire, ‘The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls

“It’s a place where strange things have been known to happen, but locals learn not to think twice about every little unexplainable detail; otherwise they’d go mad.”
― Alys Arden, The Casquette Girls


Intertwined – Gena Showalter

Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

Marked – P.C. and Kristen Cast

Book of Shadows – Cate Tiernan

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