Halfway to the Grave – Jeaniene Frost

20 Aug



Cat, half-vampire/ half-human, is on the hunt for her father, literally. He ruined her mother’s life and she wants nothing more than to stick a stake in his undead heart.

Things get complicated as she is making her rounds one night and falls prey to an ubber blonde, British vampire with an annoying habit of overusing the word Luv. He agrees to team up with her and hunt down her father if she will help him in return.


Cat = Buffy
Bones = Spike

Any female growing up in the 90’s could give a verbatim description of the blonde vampire that made us love to hate the bad guy, (or just simply, love the bad guy) Spike. But to literally copy a character… I felt like I was reading a sloppy fan-fiction. Please, someone save me from my paranormal-romance hell.


Watch Buffy the one-liners are way better.

(Please, pick these up instead)

Dead Witch Walking – Kim Harrison
Bitten – Kelley Armstrong
Darkfever – Karen Marie Moning
Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

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