The Magicians’ Guild

01 Aug



Every other year, the citizens of Imardin are forced to undergo a purge. The Magicians, cloaked in a magical shield scour the streets forcing the unwanted “dwells” out of the city. As usual, these low class city dwellers are angry and spiteful at being forced from their homes and general chaos ensues. The Magicians are unfazed, nothing can touch them through their shield. That is until a seemingly normal child hurls a rock at one of the Magicians breaking the barrier and knocking said Magician unconscious. In retaliation many of the Magicians turn to stun the attacker, only to create a much larger spell hitting an unintended target, killing him and sending the girl on the run.

Sonea is left clueless as to how she broke the Magicians shield but she knows that the killing blow the Magicians dealt to the young boy beside her was meant for her. She takes off, only to remain on the run from the most powerful group of people in Imardin. While on the run she will find she must take extreme measures to stay hidden. While on the run the Guild extends an offer for her to join their ranks, but are they sincere or just trying to flush her out?


This was quite an amazing first novel! I am so happy I picked it up. This is my first Trudi Canavan novel and I can’t wait to pick up the second one.

There are some elements of the novel that are cliche, but that was all made okay by the fact that the story line is amazing. There were no surprises, meaning I saw the twists coming a mile away, but it still made for an engrossing read. I would give this book a 4.5 stars simply because it kept my attention the entire time and had a great ending.

Favorite Quotes:

“It is said, in Imardin, that the wind has a soul, and that it wails through the narrow streets because it is grieved by what it finds there.” 
― Trudi Canavan, The Magicians’ Guild

“How am I going to make friends with these people if all I can think of is how easy it would be to rob them?” 
― Trudi Canavan, The Magicians’ Guild

“Nodding, Cery strode to the door and stepped through. Though the burly guards eyes him suspiciously, Cery smiled back. Never make enemies of someone’s lackeys, his father had taught him. Better still, make them like you a lot.” 
― Trudi Canavan, The Magicians’ Guild

Recommendations :

Ill Wind – Rachel Caine
Assassin’s Apprentice – Robin Hobb
The Lion of Senet – Jennifer Fallon
The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller

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