The Rithmatist – Brandon Sanderson

29 Jun


Joel wants nothing more than to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming a Rithmatist. Rithmatists have fame, wealth and honor. These are all things Joel himself craves. He wants to defend his country. He wants to pull his family out of poverty. He wants to finish his father’s work.

However, Joel missed his inception day. He may never know if being a Rithmatist is truly what he is meant to be. That never stops him from studying as hard as he can and knowing Rithmatic history and theory. It is his knowledge and sheer inquisition that land him a summer role as a Rithmatist’s assistant. He is to help one of the professors look into the disappearance of a few Rithmatic students on campus. The results of which will change what everyone had thought pertaining to Rithmatics.

This book has many Harry Potter-esque qualities. First, there is a 16 year old main character on which the adults of the novel tend to rely. Second, it is set on the school’s campus. Third, Joel is an outcast, set aside due to his poor station in life. With that being said I really enjoyed the book. It had a few unrealistic moments, a chief inspector relying on the work and word of a 16 year old boy, professor who looked to a 16 year old boy for advice, but overall I really loved Sanderson’s world building and his absolutely brilliant way of introducing a new form of magic.

I do think the “young-adult” label is I bit of a stretch. I find that this would be an awesome book for older children. Even though he is 16 there aren’t any situations that would deter me from letting my 9 year old niece read this book.

Favorite Quotes:

“Well, that’s because they’re wrong and I’m right. No more reading for you. Let’s go get some ice cream.”

“I don’t know if the kitchen has any,” Joel said. “It’s hard to get in the summers, and—”

“Not from the kitchen, stupid,” Melody said, rolling her eyes. “From the parlor out on Knight Street.”

“Oh. I’ve … never been there.”

“What! That’s a tragedy.”

“Melody, everything is a tragedy to you.”

“Not having ice cream,” she proclaimed, “is the culmination of all disasters! That’s it. No more discussion. We’re going. Follow.”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist

“That was terribly thoughtless of you. What good is having friends if they don’t put you in mortal peril every once in a while?”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist

“It’s going to be painful.”
“It’s a fun tradition.”
“So was witch-burning,” Melody said. “Unless you were the witch.”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist

“Tantrums are a noble and time-tested strategy,she said airily. Particularly if you have a good set of lungs and are facing down a crotchety old priest. I know Stewart; he always bends if you make enough noise.”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist


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Eragon – Christopher Paolini

Magyck – Angie Sage

The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

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