The Winter People – Jennifer McMahon

20 Jun


In a place called the Devil’s Hand, people keep disappearing but sometimes they return, not as their normal self but as a sleeper.

Ruthie wants nothing more than to escape the town she is in. That is until her mother becomes one of the mysteriously missing. She searches the entire house and finds nothing. No trace of her mother anywhere. That’s when she begins to panic and pulls up the floor in her mother’s room. She uncovers a diary and a few wallets and  that only leaves her with more questions.

Yet another book I have come across that switches perspective. However, I liked this one. I was drawn in by the eerie atmosphere and fell in love with the main character quickly. The only part I was not happy with was the lackluster ending. It fell short for me in so many ways. I believe this will not deter me from reading more of her works but it may be a while.

Favorite Quote:

“Madness is always a wonderful excuse, don’t you think? For doing terrible things to other people.” – Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People

Only adding one because my others give away plot.


Snowblind – Christopher Golden
House of Echoes – Brendan Duffy
Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

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